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Merge to Emerge

Merge to Emerge [A Poem by Evelyn Foreman]

Into the loudness

of The Silence

Toward the cocoon

of stillness

Deeper and deeper

I spiral

Louder and louder

It gets

Instruction arises

At stillness

At the hush of

the pitter patter

The chitter chatter of

my thoughts

When I am quiet

So too becomes The Silence

And then

I become One with


And then

knowing becomes so.


Coming Home to (Self) Love

The prevalent imagery of Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to see love everywhere.  Some see love in symbols, some see love in things, and some see love in pets.  I found the most precious, transformative and holy love is the one found within.

This holiday is a great opportunity for stillness and self-reflection.  Valentine’s Day causes me to look within, to consciously come to a place of stillness, and remember why I am here.  For me, Valentine’s Day is about honoring Love, and the beloved within, first and foremost.

The Love within is God energy that fuels me.

Love is the healing, harmonizing balm of the universe.  As I seek love’s wisdom, I see love’s power and prevalence everywhere present:  in the smile of my child, in the kindness of strangers, in the love of family and friends.

On this Valentine’s Day, as with many that have passed, I stop, and take inventory of the blessings in my life.  As I count my blessings, I deepen my gratitude for the abundance that is my life.  My appreciation deepens and, like a generator, love is cultivated, harvested and received.

As I take a breath, I remember the sacred that is me, and come home to who I REALLY am:  Spirit in expression.

From this place of overflow and abundance, the expression of unconditional Love fuels my life.

I drink form the living waters of life within and give thanks for the love that is.  May your journey home to the Love you are, on this very public and very visible holiday, cultivate nourishment and renewal.

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Slow to Stillness

U.S. stress statistics indicate that people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress is 77%. Today, I am one of them.  My awareness of striving energy often feels suffocating.

I am in my body this morning, experiencing the challenges of being mom, wife, author, minister, entrepreneur.  All those, merely labels. However, they remind me of how I have chosen to show up in the world.

“When have I strayed from my practice of being one with God’s flow of ease and grace?”  I wonder.

Was it when said “Yes!” to write my book, planning the 2nd and third before I was done with the synopsis of the 1st?

Was it when I said, “Yes!” to produce classes to accompany the books I am writing to help those who seek it, go further into practice?

Was it when I said “Yes!” to the labels I have given myself so that the world (and myself) can identify who I am?

No.  Saying “Yes!” to God is not the problem.

My problem is thinking that I need to orchestrate any of it.

Rather than being in the flow, and allowing divine guidance to unfold for me, the path I am to take in EACH MOMENT, I have somehow reverted back to childhood patterning;  I strayed off the road, and I need to come back.

Growing up as a latch key child, alone and abandoned because the adults needed to “make a living,” and reliving the fear of losing love and attention as a child of an alcoholic, I can see why patterns and feelings of unworthiness bubble up – they make me run, rather than be still.

My ambition to produce is no different today, than when I was first aware of it some 20 years old.  Yes, I recognize her.  I recognize that energy that has given me so much: my personality, my humanity, my experience of life on Earth.

I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders today because I have strayed away from remembering that I am one with God.  Somehow, even after decades of practice, I am humbly reminded today, right here, as I type this up, that awareness brings the gift of grace.

The illusion of thinking I (rather than Spirit) am in charge has gotten me here.  And because I am graced by the allness of the power that breathes me, I, too, can make a different decision.

“God’s in charge.”

Just like that, I affirm the Truth.

“God’s in charge.”

I relinquish my need for control, yet another time in a series of million and one in this lifetime.

“God’s in charge.”

And today, I chose differently.  I remember to return to my breath, the life that breathes me.

Today, I chose differently, I remember that I am one with the Spirit that animates me.

Today, I chose differently, I remember the soul that I am, who I’ve come to be, and not what I’ve come to do.

Today, I chose differently, I slow down to stillness, release my striving, and therefore, my suffering.

Today, I chose differently.  I remember the divinity within, recognizing the gift and the blessing of my humanity. This is how I chose to show up in the world.