The Call of Spirit: Tune In to Possibility with Rev. Evelyn Foreman

Podcasts with Rev. Evelyn Foreman

Through story telling, and authentic heart centered conversation, she invites her guests to share their sacred journey.

Reverend Evelyn has had conversations with some of the most devoted individuals who have heard their call, and followed.  In doing so, they have created a life of great possibility full of meaning, vision and purpose.

Tune In and join Reverend Evelyn in conscious conversation with some of the most prominent names in Unity, New Thought and traditional circles alike.  Among them are writers, coaches, shamans, ministers, activists and master teachers.  Her guests and co-hosts come from all genres and walks of life.

A short list of Evelyn’s  interviews are with: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Matthew Fox, Gary Zukav, Ester Nicholson, Rev. Chaz Wesley, John Edmonds, Mark Nepo, Rev. Lynne Brown, Jackie Woodside, Barbara Schmidt, Polly Campbell, Rev. Temple Hayes, Miguel Ruiz, Jr., Brenda Knight, Rev. Kelly Isola, Dr. Rima Bonario, Kristen Moeller, Stephen Dinan, Matthew Fox, Rob Kosberg,  … and many more.  Click Here to Download Podcasts and Take them with you!

Additional Episode info coming soon