Evelyn Foreman’s upcoming book: Power of Purpose: Unleashing the Wisdom of The Higher Self is a personal and triumphant story of a soul awakening to Spirit’s call. Weaving in pivotal, defining moments of heartbreak and poignant truth, the author courageously recalls her experience of grace and favor, even in times of great hardship.

Forced to grow up before she was ready, the loss of her beloved mother when she was 16 catapults her awareness beyond what’s immediately before her.

Adversity lays the rails that detour life’s path. Overcoming challenges mark the turning points leading her to personal recognition of great wisdom, only to be discovered within.

Swimming her own fear and insecurities, young Evelyn struggles to balance head and heart through a tumultuous ocean of questions with her parental guidance gone. She learns about herself, her soul’s mission and how to move forward without hardening her heart.

Ultimately, finding peace, gifts and purpose on her path, she discovers the universal love and support always ever-present, conspiring for her highest good.

Integrating her story with the challenges many face, she offers the acronym of “P.O.W.E.R.” to unlock and connect to the wisdom present and alive, indwelling within and awaiting our call. Partnering with our innate wisdom, we become unstoppable embracing power and living in purpose.

The Appendix at the end offers tools that guide the reader to deeper inward journey through contemplation and practical application.

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